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1.What can smart Rally X do? Wegym smart Rally X, professional customized courses, including strength, core, flexibility, balance, explosive force training, can exercise the back, lower limbs, chest, core, hips and legs. 2.Where can I get professional customized courses? You can search for WeGym in the APP store or scan the QR code on the instruction manual to download the APP, which contains real-time data and customized courses. We will update the APP and product firmware from time to time. You can keep updating to get the latest functions. 3.Will it break? The recommended force value of a set of pulsiers is 56kGF, which is not beyond the recommended force value range for normal use, without worrying about breaking. 4.Where can it be fixed? As for indoor use, the door anchor fixed on the door, the use of extension belt fixed on the bed foot, sofa foot and other heavy objects. Outdoor use can be fixed to railings, tree trunks, cars.