Adjustable Resistance
Resistance change can be realized in 1 second, can replace all kinds of resistance training equipment, adapt to the training of muscle groups of different parts of the body, suitable for all kinds of combination training.
Intelligent Customized Training
Rally X assesses athletic ability based on your measurements. Whether beginner or professional trainer, whether doing daily fitness or improving body posture, can customize scientific professional training plan for you, and achieve full tracking guidance.
Powerful battery Durability
Rally X provides 42 hours of battery life on a 2-hour charge, with IP54 natural latex waterproof material.
IP54 Waterproof
The pull tube is made of natural latex, which is environmentally friendly and durable, and has a crash-proof design and IP54 waterproof to ensure safety. It’s suitable for all kinds of training methods.
Product International Certification
California 65